White roofing can make a difference in the Chicago Land area due to extremely warm summers.  A Grey, black or other dark tinted roof over a home may heat up to 180°F. At that temperature, not even your bare hand can touch the roof comfortably.

Not true for a white roof surface. With a white, acrylic coating, only 20% of the sunlight is absorbed into the roofing. This observation means you could comfortably lie down on a white roof on a hot summer afternoon. These roofs are popularly called Cool Roofs.

Cool roof on flat surface

White roofs exhibit two other advantages over darker roofs in addition to the savings in energy costs:

Cool roofs tend to last longer. The reason is changing temperatures cause a roof to expand and contract. Since white roofs expand less in summer time, the roofing product is worn less
These roofs are "maintainable". As needed, a white, acrylic re-roof can be re-coated with additional white acrylic applications, which eliminates tear-off costs over the lifetime of a building

Commercial metal roof with ten year warranty against leakage

White commercial metal roofing has been accepted by business owners since the 1980s when acrylic first appeared in formulations for roof coating. Contractors, like myself, have long found these roofing surfaces natural candidates for acrylic/elastomeric related repairs.

Silver Film on a commercial metal roof

Preventing rust on a self-storage project

Silver Film projects work best where rust is the primary problem. Silver Film, unlike its aluminum competition, carries a seven year warranty against any rust breakthrough.

Silver Film material is considerably less expensive compared to acrylic: Acrylic can weatherproof against leaks--Silver Film cannot. There is an old adage that "You get what you pay for." There is a lot of truth to that statement.

Cool roof on flat surface formerly covered with stones

A flat roof with stone is usually a costly project for a industry business owner--tear-off costs, stone removal, new insulation, etc. There is an alternative that results in a Cool Roof.

Since the 1980s we have worked on flat roofs covered with aggregate/stone offering the following advantages:
1. No tear-off costs since the basic roof is left
2. Removal of loose stone since the stone only prevented the roof's exposure to sunlight
3. Installation of a Cool Roof which is maintainable for the building's lifetime


Recently the heat island effects in large cities has become well known. We roofers have participated in the earliest row house projects in Chicago, cooperating with the city on a series of projects, reflecting the sun. In 2007, the Civic Works organization,has begun to apply Cool Roofs to new houses.

White acrylic over aging foam roof

Are you looking for an experienced Cool Roof contractor?

If you are seeking an experienced company to offer an estimate to convert your existing roof to a Cool Roof, one of us would be delighted to visit your site, discuss the alternatives available and, if requested, submit a quote. Both the owner (me) and my crew have been applying Cool Roofs since the 1980s, which makes both my crew chief and I, "old-timers" in the business.

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