A Competitive Inc.

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Customer:Amy Karaker 10-08-2010 3:24pm

Chicago 60614

Comments:A Competitive Inc. did a fabulous  job on my building. They totally solved a leak problem that the previous roofers tried to fix by coming back again and again to put on more gooey stuff.  They're great guys!  I highly recommend them.  Feel free to call my office at 773-525-3296 if you'd like to know more!

Customer:Nathan Zimmerman 08-312010 9:12pm

chicago 60647

Comments:Two major repair jobs successfully quoted, worked and completed.  Tuckpointing and roofing repair on an 8 unit condo.  Very solid workmanship and competitive prices.  Owner onsite during job and involved in the process.  Very impressed!

Customer:Wayne Kupferfe 08-31-2010 9:38pm

chicago 60660

Comments: you are a rare contractor that I feel confident in calling.  Twice you came over and gave answers to problems.  You gave quotes but suggested that I hold off on the work.  When you did the tuckpointing and installed the new roofing I was surprised by the small problems that developed and were fixed at no additional charge.  Reasonable rates with high quality professional work.  I just wish you could do all the work in my building.

Customer:Lloyed an Barbara isocan/Klein 08-31-2010 9:26pm

chicago 60614

Comments:Lindle Moody and his team are, by far, the best roofers we have ever used.  Having owned homes from Philadelphia to Oak Park and now Chicago, we've used numerous roofers over the years.  Lindle accommodates your needs regarding appointments to review work needed, writes an estimate within a few business days, and provides service within his stated time frames.  He has done work for us on four occasions  and has always provided quality work for the exact proposal amount.  He also stands by his work.

Customer:Deborah D'Andrea-Babarsky 09-01-2010 7:53am

chicago 60657

Comments:We first used Lindle's services back in 1986 wen we needed tuck pointing on a 3-flat Victorian building.  The catch was red brick with black mortar.  We called other companies who refused to even address the black mortar.  We wanted to maintain the original integrity of the building.  Lindle agreed to the black mortar despite the added difficulty. He and his crew did a fantastic job.  We  used their services for a new flat roof on that building.  Now, just over 20 years later, when we needed tuck pointing on a garage and a two-flat, of course, we called Lindle at  A Competitive Inc.  Once again the job was done in a timely manner with great professionalism.  We would not call any one else.

Customer:Greg Lukonits 08-31-2010 6:43pm

Chicago IL.60618

Comments:Quality work and great prices!  They do the job at hand, clean up well and don't promise anything they can't deliver!  We will use them again for certain!


Posted by akinsons on 02/03/2008

Contractor was two days late said was tied up on another job.But completed project in one day like promised.Excellent work,clean and reliable.I would recomend to anyone who needs a good roofing and tuckpointing company.


Posted by LFry147 on 02/03/2008

Did beautiful job removing paint off building. Informed us of need of grinding and tuckpointing.Completed job on time! A GREAT COMPANY TO KNOW!!!

Roofing Removal

Posted by AMoody on 02/03/2008

Owner mentioned that he worked with his men. Owner was on job site everyday working!  He said he could resolve the problem for me and did in a timely manner. Fairly priced and great work !

Best Estimate and work!

Posted by BFRY954300 on 02/03/2008

Best estimate, best  priced and clean and neat work. Was always on time for the job!