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Some of our Professional Services

  • Chimney Repair's-

Tuck point chimney to put mortar back in the joints between the brick. Installing concrete cap's and concrete arch's.  Rebuilding chimney new or flashing base of chimney to stop leaks.

  • Grinding-

Grinding to remove loose mortar in between brick's.

  • Brick Repair-

is to take bad brick out of wall and replace with new bricks.

  • Glass Block-

Help's to make basement's or bathroom more air tight with a nice clean look.

  • Lintel Repair-

Lintel's are what hold up the brick's above all window's and doorway's.  It is a steel L-channel.

  • Parapet Wall Repair-

A parapet wall is the very top of building on flat roof's.  It may be damaged by weather or too much weight causing it to lean in towards the roof.

  • Chemical Cleaning-

Chemical cleaning is to spray or brush a chemical onto the brick area to remove painted area or to remove a black build up of carbon on the brick.

  • Brick Sealer-

Used on new and old cinder block and also bricks.  To keep water from soaking in to the building masonry.