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To keep your roof in good working condition you must get routine inspections. Having seasonal or yearly roof maintenance done on your structure will keep it operational in the future and prevent damage from occurring that can lead to large repair costs such as roof replacements.

We assembled a list of things that will tell you if you need to help and allow your roof to last longer.

Roofs are made to get through any harsh weather condition imaginable but after time there will be wear and tear which will increase. To keep you and your family safe when the next big storm occurs follow these guidelines.

Inspec Your Shingles
You need to check your shingles at least once a year and this is even more recommended after months of harsh weather. Understand that wild weather and precipitation are not the only things that can hurt your roof and for this reason, you must also account for ultraviolet light coming from the sun. Make sure you complete this to avoid shingle roof replacement which can be costly to perform. A shingle repair will be much more feasible if you find an issue.

Trim Branches
If there are trees around your property that have branches that hang down be sure to get them trimmed especially before the winter starts. Harsh winds and freezing precipitation can force branches to come down on your structure causing tremendous damage.

Monitor Moss
Moss may seem to add a vibrant coloring effect to your trees but this can be very bad if left unchecked. If you allow moss to continue to grow without consulting a roof repair company to get rid of it, this can cause all sorts of problems with your roof. Moss grows between shingles and can lift them up and away from your roof, leaving room for leaks to take place in your home. A roofing company will be able to stop this from happening by getting rid of it so that over time your structure doesn’t rot from the moisture it carries.