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At A Competitive Inc, we pride ourselves on having a Veteran run team, Lindle and Ernie, who serve Deerfield as flat roof nearby Deerfield experts. Our unbeatable experience gives our clients reliable flat roofing Deerfield projects. If your building’s flat roof is showing its age, our flat roofing near Deerfield team will provide the perfect roof maintenance to keep your property safe, and good looking; providing years of extended life and reinforced structural integrity. As a Veteran owned business, we retain great pride in providing flat roofing Deerfield citizens’ trust to be accompanied with the highest level of customer service possible.

We also offer expert flat roof repairs, replacement, and installation. If you have any flat roofing near Deerfield needs, we can schedule an inspection to evaluate and ensure you are getting the proper service that will save you time and money. Give us a call today to learn more.

A Competitive - Your Flat Roofing Company

Our Flat Roofing Services Deerfield

At Competitive, Inc we specialize in expert flat roofing services from new installations to small repairs. We offer services to all Deerfield residential properties. No matter the job, big or small, even specialized projects such as tear-offs and energy-saving upgrades including insulation and aluminum coatings, we are the flat roofers near Deerfield residents trust. We understand the importance of having a dependable roof, and our highly trained team of expert contractors will provide the most durable and lasting work on the market. Give us a call to learn more about our flat roofing Deerfield services and how we can help you out with your flat roofing needs.

Residential Flat Roofing Deerfield

If you need a small home roof repair near Deerfield area or are ready to replace your house’s flat roof; Competitive, Inc. is the name for flat roofing Deerfield citizens trust for the finest quality work. Your flat roof is the most important barrier to the elements for protecting your home including its contents, so be sure any flat roofing projects are performed by our expert team. We will ensure your roof is strong, dependable, and durable to last years to come. Call us today to discuss our flat roof project, we are standing by to help.

Why Flat Roofs Deerfield Become So Popular

Once upon a time flat roofing was not seen as a viable option for residential housing developments. At this juncture flat roofers only designed industrial and multi-residential homes, leaving pitched roofs on many homes today. However, due to new discoveries in the industry, flat roofing has become popular for homes.

flat roofing always benefited from easy installation associated with flat roofs mainly because the biggest obstacle was strengthening the top floor. Now that flat roof repair has become a thing for our residential houses, homeowners too can benefit from this advantage along with better pricing. 20 to 50 percent of your roof repairs come from arranging a pitched roof. This is seen as unnecessary today for many Deerfield homeowners who now want different types of rooms for their top floor other than attics. Cost is just one thing that gives flat roofing an advantage, another thing is the fact that these roofs are often more sturdy and trustworthy than pitched roofs.

What Can Happen To Your Flat Roof Deerifield?

People with flat roofs near Deerfield installed on their homes and businesses know that flat roofs need more maintenance compared to other types of roofs. Repair may be needed as time progresses, from bad weather or just wear and tear. If your flat roof requires repair, it is difficult to assess if it needs flat roof repair or flat roof replacement. Read on to find out about some common flat roof problems.  


The majority of roofing materials, including flat roofing Deerfield materials, go through cycles of expansion and contraction due to temperature. Continuous expansion and contraction lead to the flashing on the flat roof pulling away at the edges and corners. Subsequent leaks and water penetration into the roof can occur. Regular inspections by specialist roofing companies Deerfield can prevent this. If left it will worsen and you may need a roof replacement.

Pooling Water

As flat roofs have no slopes, when there is heavy rain or snow, the water cannot flow from the roof and stays pooled on the surface. Flat roof near Deerfield materials are resistant to water, but not for extended time periods, after which the water can seep into the roof. Therefore it is imperative to call flat roofers near Deerfield to drain the water, preventing larger issues that need a flat roof replacement.

Buckle In The Membrane

If your home or business building possesses a flat roof, it has been constructed by a membrane soaked in asphalt, which is placed over the building sealing it. Buildings naturally move and settle over time, but if there is excessive movement it causes the membrane to buckle, this usually indicates that flat roof replacement is needed. Contact your local flat roofer near Deerfield, they can assess your roof for serious problems.