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Shingle Roofing

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About Shingle Roofing

Roof shingles are a roof covering that you find on pitched roofs, as they can be easily seen on the roofs of buildings they are available in various colors and materials, as they play an important part in the aesthetic of the property exterior. Bitumen shingles are commonly used, but other materials are gaining in popularity. These include wood, plastic, slate, and metal shingles. They are usually rectangular in shape, but square and horizontal patterns are also popular. Roof shingles form a waterproof barrier and protect your property from water, snow, and ice.The roof shingles are laid on the roof in an overlapping pattern where each successive strip overlaps the joints, or the seams, of the shingles below. They are laid from the bottom edge of the roof upwards to the top. At  A Competitive Inc, we offer professional shingle roofing repair and specialist shingle roofing replacement services.