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Our team of contractors constantly upgrade their knowledge and tool box to work with the best modern technology, materials, and techniques to offer you the highest-quality masonry work available today.

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Our tuckpointing contractors are all highly-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals who can handle a range of projects, and know the best solutions and fixes to a range of masonry problems.

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We pride ourselves in quality customer service, and have a long list of happy customers after our projects. We are happy to work until you are satisfied with the results.



A Competitive
Tuckpointing & Chimney Repair Experts

At A Competitive Inc, our team of masonry contractors are known as the tuckpointing and chimney repair experts run by Veterans, Lindle and Ernie. We are highly experienced in helping to maintain your masonry through seamlessly beautiful tuckpointing and reliable chimney projects. When your brick or stone work begins to look old and worn, our team will come in and offer tuckpointing that perfectly blends with the original colors, bringing your home or business back to life visually, while also reinforcing the structural integrity of the building. As a reliable, Veteran owned business we always have our client’s satisfaction at the first place. No matter the size of a job, we do our best.
We are also experts in chimney repair, and can offer the best advice for how to get your chimney looking and working its best. We carefully inspect the structure and evaluate which aspects of your chimney need to be repaired and restored before we get started, saving you time and money on your project. Ask us about an inspection today.

Our Main Services

We offer seamless tuckpointing and made to last, ensuring your building looks great and the structure of your mortar will last for years to come.

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Our chimney repair services get your old and crumbling chimney looking brand new and functioning perfectly through masonry tuckpointing, brick repairs and key structural reinforcements.

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Our Clients Said

Susan McLane
Excellent chimney repair! Our chimney was old and crumbling and I was afraid to use it. A Competitive did an inspection and the repairs, and it looks and works better than it did when we moved in 20 years ago!
Max Thompson
We hired this company for masonry tuckpointing for my grandmother’s house and I am blown away by the results. They managed to perfectly match the old colors and it is like something out of my childhood. Highly recommended tuckpointing services!
Julian Summers
I was really happy with the chimney tuckpointing from A Competitive. Our chimney was starting to look quite old and I was worried it might need serious repairs. Luckily, they did their tuckpointing and it is brand new again. Amazing!

What Masonry&Tuckponting Services
Can You Expect From A Competitive?

Masonry Repair
When your masonry-built building has minor cracking in mortar, some missing bricks, or any other issues, we offer masonry repair. We can seamlessly patch up damaged areas so your masonry structure continues to look great and stay sturdy for longer.
Loose Bricks Replacing
If you have loose bricks on your home or business, it looks bad and can pose problems to the structural integrity. Our masonry contractors will replace any loose bricks to help save you from any problems later down the road.
Tuckpointing is an important part of maintaining your masonry structure. We scrape out old mortar and replace it with new mortar, perfectly matched to the original colors, to help your building look like new, as well as strengthening the structure.
Masonry Restoration
Unfortunately, sometimes it is too late for masonry repair and tuckpointing, and you will need a full-out masonry restoration job. Our contractors are masters in their skill and will help you to restore your damaged structure to its original glory.
Lintels are the main supports for the openings of your masonry structure, and maintaining them is important for holding everything together. We repair or replace old, damaged, and/or rusted lintels, maintaining your building’s structural integrity for years to come.
Fireplace Masonry
Whether you need your fireplace inspected, repaired, or rebuilt, our team at Competitive is up to the job. Our contractors make sure everything is in perfect shape, so you can have the peace of mind to safely use your fireplace.
Power Washing
Sometimes your masonry structure looks old and worn, but all it needs is a deep cleaning. Competitive offers power washing services, using high powered hot water to effectively eliminate dirt and grime, making your masonry structure look like new again.
Windows Caulking
When the seals on windows wear down, they let in cool air and moisture, increasing your heating bill and potentially causing water damage or mold. We offer window caulking for a newly watertight seal, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment.

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Additional Chimney Services:
Chimney Inspections & Flashing Works

We also offer top-rated services in Chimney Inspections and Flashing Works. If you are worried that your chimney is not working how it should, or that it needs repairs, we will come and inspect it for you, offering the best solutions to get it back to its original state and give you peace of mind that there is no water infiltration, and no smoke is staying trapped in your building.

The flashing on your chimney provides protection from the elements and from water infiltration that can cause serious problems such as mold or water damage. We provide chimney flashing services to make sure the flashing on your chimney is ready for any type of weather that may come your way.

A Competitive - Your Flat Roofing Company

Our Flat Roofing Services

A competitive are the experts in all things flat roofing. From specialist tear offs, through new installations, to maintenance and repairs, full roof replacement, or energy-saving upgrades like insulation or aluminium coatings, we do it all. Our experienced and highly-trained contractors work on residential, commercial or industrial roofing, always leaving you with a quality finished product that will last for years to come. If you are constructing a new building, or you just need maintenance, upgrades like galvanized gutters and downspouts installation, or repairs, leave it to us. Our team does a quality roofing work that creates flat roofs ready to withstand all kinds of stresses, to help you protect your investments. We offer many options for your flat roof that are designed to match your needs as a property owner. Ask us today how we can help you with your flat roofing needs.

Residential And Commercial Flat Roofs

No project is too big, nor too small, for our professional flat roofing contractors. We work with homeowners and business owners alike, on anything from a small home roof patch-up, to a full-out roof replacement on a commercial building, our team is ready to help. We understand that your roofing is the first line of defense against the elements to protect your investments, and whether that is to help your family stay safe and healthy, protect your merchandise, or provide a safe work environment, it is important to have a strong reliable roof over your head. At A competitive, we are more than happy to help any client with any sized job. Contact us today so we can see how we can best serve you and your flat roofing needs.