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Flat roof repair

Getting Your Flat Roof Ready for Winter

When winter arrives, it is crucial to have a roof in good condition that can stand up to the pressure of harsh winter weather. Having a flat roof inspection, carried out by experienced commercial roofing contractors during the fall is a perfect time. Any flat roof repairs that need doing can be completed and your roof will be ready for the winter.

The worst problems during winter are due to snowfall and charging temperatures that cause freeze-thaw cycles. Heavy snow can put stress on the roof structure due to its heavyweight.

Then when the snow melts, the resulting water flows from the roof. If your flat roof drainage system is not able to deal with the deluge of water, then the roof will suffer water damage and will need flat roof repair.

Prepare Your Roof Early

Contacting flat roofing contractors in the autumn for a flat roof inspection will give you and the flat roofers plenty of time to get any flat roof repair completed and to make sure your roof is ready for the harsh weather coming: heavy rains, snow, and hail. You will be comfortable inside, whilst the roof protects you and the interior of your home. Your flat roofing contractors will be able to determine and tell you if your roof is in a good condition to protect your home from moisture and freeze-thaw cycles. Inspection of the drainage system is especially important, to see If it can handle dealing with heavy snow loads and freeze-thaw cycles.