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When signs like ponding water on your rooftop occur, you might have to consider whether it is time for flat roof repair, replacement, or restoration. Residential Roof Leak Flat roof replacement or repair is the most straightforward answer to a roof leak. Meanwhile, a warranty does not cover the cost of personal, or interior damages … Continue reading Is It The Right Time To Repair, Replace, or Restore Your Flat Roofing System?

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Flat roofing is becoming popular with many commercial properties and residential property owners, and it’s easy to understand why. With many modern options available nowadays that make them more leakproof, stylish than ever, and durable, it’s no wonder why flat roofs are a common alternative to sloped roofs. If you are planning to have flat roofing or weighing your options, A Competitive Inc. has listed some facts to help you make your decision. 

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